The idea behind the WFSF Youth Council is to regenerate the Federation from the "ground up" by giving a greater voice to young people (under 35). WFSF Youth Council is a new initiative created to engage our student and other young members in taking a more active role in designing the futures they want. If WFSF itself is to have a positive future we need to become imbued with the values of the brightest and most ethical of the younger generation and prepare them for future leadership roles in WFSF.

Co-Chairs: Victor Vahidi Motlagh, Tehran, Iran & Dana Klisanin, New York, USA.
Mentors: Cesar Villanueva, The Philippines & Lelio Filho Fellows, Brazil.
Photo: Alethia Montero Baena, Mexico, speaking at the 21st WFSF World Conference, Bucharest. © 2013 Bram Goots with permission.