WFSF has historically convened biennial World Conferences. We also work with our members and partners to convene regional meetings around the world and to offer introductory courses and workshops in futures thinking.

We also hear about significant futures-focused events through our members and partners and this Events section promotes them.

Futures Events 2017



22nd WFSF World Conference: June 7-10 2017

HUMANKIND 2050: Peace * Development * Environment

WFSF in partership with the Hardangar Academy

Jondal, Norway

For more information see Conference Page 

(Past) Futures Events


f3 hr slide crop

f3  - The World's First Futures Film Festival

22 March 2015 in Brisbane Australia

f3 is a world-first, a futures-oriented film and TransMedia spectacle showcasing productions from major sci-fi & SpecFic films; futurementaries; retro-futures; Design Fictions; sim-games; propheticals; future-topias; immersive 3D+; and more, all focused on the nature of what the future was, is, can be, should and should not be.

According to Founder-Curator David L. Wright, f3 is a provocateur - transforming our perceptions of the future, one story, one image, one meme at a time.

f3 is envisaged as an annual event to be staged in multiple locations around the world to promote understandings and discussions about futures issues through the power and beauty of stories.

f3 will take place as the central event of a portfolio of collaborative events such as UberFood – a Future Foods, Foodaceuticals & Beverages Bazaar; FUZIK – a futures-oriented fusion music event; a World Futurists Micro-Summit; Film/TV/TM Industry Futures - a Live Visioning Fishbowl; SpecFic an Un/Convention; and a Futures Art Exhibition.

Micro-f3 is curated by Kosuke Mikawa, graduate of FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE (Japan), MA student, QUT Creative Industries.

The micro-f3 festival will focus on the overlapping theme of co-creation and co-curation. Specifically, this event embodies three features: 

1. Co-creation of content by Futurists, media creators and public consumers;
2. Co-curation of the program by event organiser and event participants as part of the "experience economy"; and
3. Co-creation of Community Futures through emerging storytelling strategies.  


Tallinn Conference

Pathways to the Future: Education for Sustainable Development

22-24 April 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia

Pathways to the Future is a conference dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of Education for Sustainable Development. In a friendly and inspiring atmosphere the event will provide an opportunity to share ideas and experiences and to discuss the future of education which could support sustainable development. There are four sessions, which are framed based on four major keywords of the conference.

Creativity in and for ESD – The perspective from the box.

Values in education and ethics of ESD – What's love got to do with it?

Sustainable schools – A book, a pen, and a teacher.

Sustainable communities – Follow the road or leave a trail?

The future of our communities is at the heart of our concerns. What are our general aims and goals in the context of sustainability? Do we practice what we preach? Who leads by example and sets the norms? Schools as the dominant educational establishment can have a strong influence on our future. To re-negotiate the directions we have taken and to initiate change, however, we need to find new ways to do things both in everyday lives and in education. Being creative in teaching and teaching to be creative are as important as ever. Finally, ESD is unavoidably related to shaping worldviews and values of people. Thus, these actions need to be ethically coherent.

The conference welcomes practicioners, scholars, teachers, university lecturers, researchers, experts, thinkers, students – everyone who finds the concept of sustainable development important. Please join us to express your ideas and hear others' opinions about how ESD could or should be taught and how it shall evolve.

The working language of the conference is English. There is no participation fee.


banner-2015-1-170x172pxWorld Futures Conference - Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems

11-12 June 2015 in Turku, Finland

WFSF is partnering with the Finnish Futures Research Center (FFRC) and many others, who have the common goal of taking a deeper look at futures research methods, old and new and their relation to the integration of desirable results into actions of today.

It is the joint goal of the conference to offer both traditional presentation (call for papers will be in September) and other formats that include more discussion and group participation. (For more information see sessions.) Another goal is to consciously improve the sustainability of our gatherings. Both members and the Executive Board evaluations of earlier conferences have contributed to these changes. We were listening.

Technically, there will be a greater option for session holders and presenters to present from their home country via streaming.

In line with our ecological goals, WFSF is offering a Mini-conference on the Viking Ship that sails between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland and back. It makes traveling time more effective by extending the time we have to talk, get to know one another and renew old friendships (an important reason why WFSF'ers like to get together). The content will be based loosely upon Open Space Technology. There may be other benefits to Mini-conferences (to or from the conference) if enough people are interested. Please signal your interest in this option early (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), as it will take some planning.

Natalie Dian, Conference Liaison


Project AnticipationFirst International Conference on ANTICIPATION

5-7 November 2015, Trento Italy 

The UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, together with WAAS-World Academy of Art and Science, ISSS-International Society for the Systems Sciences, the Advanced Design Network, and the Department of Sociology and Social Sciences of the University of Trento, is organizing the Conference.

Anticipation is coming to the fore as an emerging field of study that is influencing a wide variety of disciplines. This international conference will explore the interaction among anticipation, uncertainty and complexity. Some questions that we intend to raise are these: When does anticipation occur in behavior and life? What types of anticipation can be distinguished? What structures and processes are necessary for anticipatory action? How can anticipation be modeled? A better and more complete understanding of anticipation and its effects will improve theories and models of individual and collective human behavior and its consequences. The ability to anticipate in complex environments may improve the resilience of societies facing threats from a global proliferation of agents and forces by articulating uncertainties through anticipatory processes.

Conference fee:

Early registration (before 1 September 2015): € 150
Late registration (from 1 September 2015): € 200
Important dates:

Abstract submission: 15 April 2015
Abstract acceptance notification: 15 May 2015
Final program: 30 June 2015
Early registration: Before 1 September 2015
Deadline registration: 20 October 2015.

(Past) Futures Events 2014


Future Infinite Finland smallFuture Infinite Academic – Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate.

Start: 11.06.2014
End: 12.06.2014
Address: Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Finland

The 16th International Futures Conference organised by Finland Futures Research Centre deals with the different dimensions of Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate.

Future Infinite – Solving Global Challenges for Better Futures.

Start: 12.06.2014
End: 13.06.2014
Address: Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Finland

The future has its challenges. World population is growing rapidly, which leads to the depleting of resources, like water and raw materials. Also the world population is aging, unemployment rate of the young people is rising, climate change is causing extreme weather events and causing huge economic losses. We are operating in a more complex environment, in which small events can lead to huge consequences. This happened in 2008 in global financial crises. Luckily we are not victims of the future.

WFS ConferenceWorldFuture 2014: What If

Start: 11.07.2014
End: 14.07.2014
Address: Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando, United States

It might be the second-oldest question (after "why") in the history of sentient beings. "What if"extends our minds beyond what is to contemplate what may be. It is the key we rattle in the locked doors of what we thought were unknowable futures. And it is the rejection of predetermined destinies.

The World Future Society invites you to join us for WorldFuture 2014: What If in Orlando, Florida, along with a thousand other men and women who are engaged in this fundamental drive to question our futures.