We Imagine, Design & Create Alternative Futures

Futurists work in a diverse range of special interest areas. Some of the themes that our members work with include: positive futures media, socially just foresight, futures of urban design, futures games, food futures and climate futures. 



 Positive Futures Media

WFSF members also work with 'Positive Futures Media.' This work aims to: identify and cultivate images and voices of hope; create and promote healthy and conscious media; recognise the power of the arts and cultural activities in enabling transformation; recognise the importance of games for change.

Socially Just Foresight

A number of our members work in what is broadly called 'Socially Just Foresight.' This work is focused on such areas as: pro-poor foresight; disparity reducing foresight; and socially inclusive foresight. This is an emergent and growing field and the list of websites and other media continues to co-evolve.

Futures of Urban Design

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6. Cyberleague Hero Graphic

Futures Games 

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Food Futures

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Flying Castles by gregmksClimate Futures

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