22nd WFSF World Conference: June 7-10, 2017


Peace * Development * Environment

Jondal, Norway

The World Futures Studies Federation invites you to the 22nd WFSF World Conference in 2017 in Jondal, Hardanger, Norway (Airport Bergen). As WFSF President, Dr Jennifer Gidley says: “There has never been a time more important to focus on the futures of humankind than right now, when our very survival is at stake.”

Why Norway?

In 1967 Robert Jungk, Johan Galtung and friends held the Mankind 2000 Meeting in Oslo, Norway. One of the outcomes was the founding of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) in Paris, 1973. WFSF is a UNESCO and UN ECOSOC Consultative Partner with members in 60 countries.

At the 21st WFSF conference in 2013 we decided to celebrate 50 years since Oslo 1967 with the theme: Humankind 2050. The 2017 Conference will be hosted by Hardanger Academy for Peace Development Environment. Jondal is near the magnificent Hardanger Fjord.

WFSF and Hardanger Academy invite everyone committed to carrying our human history into wiser futures in economic, educational, political, scientific and socio-cultural areas; from global, national and local perspectives. Individuals and organisations working in future studies and related themes are all welcome.

For a discussion paper to provoke thinking prior to the conference follow this link.


June 7-9 Conference
June 10 General Assembly & (Optional) Post-Conference Activities


The conference site is the Hardanger Academy, Jondal. It has accommodation (bed and meals) for 80 on a first come, first serve basis – but Jondal has more facilities within walking distance.

Some Key Themes

Peace: solving conflict, building cooperation, collaborative organisations
Development: more equality, more spirituality, more humanity
Environment: climate, learning from nature, eco-cities, integral living

See Conference Website for more Information!