Futures Studies Education – Introduction

The World Futures Studies Federation offers its standards to institutions interested in achieving accreditation in futures studies. Institutions offering programs that meet the Federation’s standards will be credentialed as an Accredited Foresight Programme. READ MORE (Click Here)

Since 1975 WFSF has offered courses (click here) to young people around the world introducing them to the concepts and methods of the futures studies field.

There is also a list of Futures Course Outlines (click here) accessible on our website.

There are dozens of universities around the world that teach courses in futures studies (click here). Courses cover the spectrum from short courses & single units to Masters Degree courses and PhDs.

Educational futures at the school level (click here) includes both introducing futures concepts and methods to school children, and also speculative research about what alternative approaches to school education might better suit the 21st century than the current industrial models of school education.