Books in Swedish

Swedish Language Futures Books

This list was compiled from contributions by members: the first entry is a document containing a literature overview obtained from two library searches and the second entry is a book available at the Vision Centre library.

Swedish Futures Studies – A Literature Overview, 2010, search query programming by Taeda Tomic, submitted by Samuel Bohman. [Download the document from the link at the bottom of this page.]

Dian, N., Nilsson, Christel, Ed. (1987). Framtidsbygget. Gothenburg, Sweden, Visionscentret Framtidsbygget.

[Boken är en historia av framtiden, det vill säga att det tittar tillbacka från året 2021, på tiden mellan 1994 och 2021. Inkluderad är mycket information om projektet / framtidsstuderkurs som resulterad i boken Framtidsbygget. Boken kan handlas från

(This book is a history of the future, that is it looks back on the period from 1994 to the year 2021. Included is also much information about the project/futures studies course that the book resulted from.)