LEALA Project Reports

MAONO 0201234-19

Reports from the WFSF-UNESCO World Futures Learning Lab Partnership Programmes conducted across two cycles: 2012-2013 & 2014-2015.

Pedagogical Resources

WFSF has consistently been a leading player in educating young people in the theories, concepts and methods of futures studies. Through its leadership and  the activities of its members and fellows WFSF has been centrally involved in the development of many of the current futures studies courses. We are currently strengthening our collection of pedagogical resources including articles, books, PPT presentations, course materials, images, videos and pedagogical games, with the support of UNESCO.

Futures Studies Education – Introduction

There are dozens of universities around the world that teach courses in futures studies. Courses cover the spectrum from short courses & single units to Masters Degree courses and PhDs. FFRC in Turku, Finland joined with the Turku School of Economics to offer Masters and PhDs from 2013.

Educational futures at the school level includes both introducing futures concepts and methods to school children, and also speculative research about what alternative approaches to school education might better suit the 21st century than the current industrial models of school education.

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WFSF Archive Collections

“One of my visions for WFSF is to create a Professional Archive that will be accessible to researchers, teachers and students of futures studies, long into the future.” Jennifer Gidley, WFSF President (2009-2017).

A vast amount of high quality research and workshop material has been developed over our 40 years. However, much of it is still dispersed across several places because of the global and now virtual nature of our organization.

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Futures Publications – Books

WFSF has been developing a resource list of books about futures studies in several languages (English, Hebrew, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese, Swedish and Farsi). The English books cover the time period from the pre-1950s up to the present time.

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Futures Publications – Journals

As the academic field of futures studies has developed several academic journals have been founded, the first being Futures: The Journal of Policy, Planning and Futures Studies, first published in 1968.

There are several peer-reviewed academic and professional journals dedicated to reporting, discussing and analysing issues of relevance to futures researchers, practitioners and students. There are also some futures-oriented magazines below. The lists are arranged alphabetically.

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WFSF-LEALA Video Channels

4. f3 Futures Film Festival

One of the challenges for the futures studies field, and many other scholarly fields, is the rapid development of ICT over the last 20-30 years. While WFSF and its members have made a stellar contribution to the academic knowledge base of futures studies, the field as a whole has been left behind in the rising tide of new medias. WFSF is committed to breathing new life into its knowledge base and expertise in futures thinking by actively encouraging projects involving positive futures images, particularly through film, and other visual media. Link here to the WFSF Video Channel. The LEALA video channel is specifically dedicated to our futures video collection that focuses on the recording of our LEALA courses and workshops or the educational videos we produce and collect. LEALA participants and facilitators are invited to record and produce their own videos to add to our collection.