Vice-President – Latin America

Guillermina Baena Paz, PhD, Mexico

Elected to the Executive Board in 2009, appointed in 2013 as Vice – President Latin American Region, and re-elected in 2017 for a second four-year term. Guillermina is a WFSF Regional Vice-President and also the Secretary-General of the Iberam Chapter. She is a Professor at the National Autonomous University in Mexico.

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Victor Vahidi, Turkey

Appointed to a vacancy on the Executive Board in March 2012, and elected to the Board in 2013 for a four-year term. Since 2017 he is Director of the WFSF. For him, Futures is the search for and finding transformation planetary narratives.

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Thomas Lombardo, PhD, USA

Thomas Lombardo, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Center for Future Consciousness, the Director of The Wisdom Page, the Managing Editor of the online journal Wisdom and the Future, and Professor Emeritus and retired Faculty Chair of Psychology, Philosophy, and the Future at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona.

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Andreas Ligtvoet, PhD, Netherlands

Andreas Ligtvoet has been thinking about futures and futures studies for more than 20 years and joined WFSF as a member in 2000. He currently works at Technopolis Group as a senior consultant with expertise in the green economy, sustainable energy, circular economy, industrial ecology, and cooperation – topics closely related to the fate of our earth.

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 Lucio Mauricio Henao Velez, Colombia

Professional in Industrial Economics, postgraduate in Organizational foresight and supplementary studies in foresight, planning, development and management of innovation, active listening from the Sonidosofía / Intulisten. Planning skills, business valuation, project formulation and evaluation, foresight, scenarios and future studies conformed in more than 3 decades of experience and academy.

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avier Vitale

Javier Alejandro Vitale Gutierrez, Argentina

Elected to the Executive Board in 2017 for four-years term. Javier is a researcher at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (Argentina) and Co-Director of the Center for Prospective Studies at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina).

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