Vice-President – Latin America

Guillermina Baena Paz, PhD, Mexico

Elected to the Executive Board in 2009, appointed in 2013 as Vice – President Latin American Region, and re-elected in 2017 for a second four-year term. Guillermina is a WFSF Regional Vice-President. She is a Professor at the National Autonomous University in Mexico.

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Claire Nelson, PhD, USA

Dr. Claire Nelson is Chief Ideation Leader of The Futures Forum, a research and education practice specializing in bringing the power of strategic foresight, and the discipline of sustainability engineering to challenges facing organizations and communities. She was recently named on Forbes as one of the top 50 female futurists in the world.

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Jaana Tapanainen-Thiess, Finland

She is the Secretary General of the Government Report on the Future, Government Foresight Group and Ministerial Foresight Panel in the Prime Minister’s Office of Finland.

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Rosa Alegria, Brazil

A professional futurist for 20 years and a pioneer in strategic foresight in Brazil, Rosa has a systemic vision of what innovation is.  Futures research & planning consultant,  international speaker, she is among the most recognized futurist women in Latin America

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Luke van der Laan, PhD, Australia

Luke is an influential and internationally recognised leadership and strategy thinkers. He has worked with leading companies and large public entities across the Asia Pacific region. Van der Laan is a doctoral research Programme Director at the University of Southern Queensland.

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Helga Veigl, Netherlands

Helga is a practicing futurist at The Futures Lab, Inc., member of the Scientific Committee for WFSF, and of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (KSA) for the Futures Research Grants. She is from Hungary, currently living in Rijeka, Croatia and is a resident in UAE. 

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Thomas Lombardo, PhD, USA

Thomas Lombardo, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Center for Future Consciousness, the Director of The Wisdom Page, the Managing Editor of the online journal Wisdom and the Future, and Professor Emeritus and retired Faculty Chair of Psychology, Philosophy, and the Future at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona.

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Alethia Montero Baena , Mexico

Past Director of World Future Society, Mexican Chapter, A.C.® , Director of Teach the Future Mexico and member of the Executive Board and Core Team of Teach the Future Global. Co-creator of the Psychoprospective or Psychology of Anticipation and Generator of Teatro del Devenir (Forward Theater Experience Creator).

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 Lucio Mauricio Henao Velez, Colombia

Professional in Industrial Economics, postgraduate in Organizational foresight and supplementary studies in foresight, planning, development and management of innovation, active listening from the Sonidosofía / Intulisten. Planning skills, business valuation, project formulation and evaluation, foresight, scenarios and future studies conformed in more than 3 decades of experience and academy.

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avier Vitale

Javier Alejandro Vitale Gutierrez, Argentina

Elected to the Executive Board in 2017 for four-years term. Javier is a researcher at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (Argentina) and Co-Director of the Center for Prospective Studies at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina).

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