Lucio Mauricio Henao Velez, Colombia

Professional in Industrial Economics, postgraduate in Organizational foresight and supplementary studies in foresight, planning, development and management of innovation, active listening from the Sonidosofía / Intulisten. Planning skills, business valuation, project formulation and evaluation, foresight, scenarios and future studies conformed in more than 3 decades of experience and academy.

With skills in adult education, having been lecturer and facilitator – trainer of more than 1500 students and 150 practice workshops of planning, prospective and futures studies. Exhibitor at local and international congresses, peer evaluator and publications in magazines, specialized books and memories in foresight and scenarios. With competencies in the management and development of prospective software and other commonly used computers. Experience in exercises of strategic prospective planning by scenarios in government spheres, companies, NGOs, supranational organizations and academia. CEO of ProSeres strategic foresight  Iberoamerican think tank for training, promotion, research and consulting in the lines of foresight, strategic planning and innovation. Orientation towards research and development in Territorial, political, strategic, financial and technological prospective.

Active member of the World Federation of Future Studies – WFSF, World Futures Society – WFS, Latin American Network of Scenarios and Strategy – EyE, Ibero-American Network of Foresight Technological Convergence – RIAP, Iberoamerican Network for Prospecting of the Millennium Project – RIBER, Prospecta Network Latin America, CorpoPlanea, RELATE and of Executive Boards in local companies.

Exercises of future and prospective studies in Colombia: Plan for land-use and management of the Aburra River Basin 2019, Habitat and Housing Strategic Plan Metropolitan Area 2025, Colombian Electricity Sector 2015, Futures studies in Business Group ISA 2016, Services associated with electric energy 2020, Home public services 2015, Antioquia banana sector 2019, Centers of excellence Colciencias Tuberculosis and Essential Oils 2020, Plan of special regulations and Peasant ecological plan 2025, Motorcycles sector in Colombia 2020, Metrosalud Public health company 2020, Foresight Business group Nutresa Pastas y Coffe 2035 , Prospective Strategic Plan Center Mining Energy Research Colciencias, Integral Plan of the Community Water Resource El Retiro, Prospective Plan Union of professional epm.

Futures and Prospective Studies Exercises in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Panamá: Cajamarca 2020, Binational Zone Integration Zone Plan Ecuador Peru 2050, Waters for the Future Mendoza Argentina 2030, POT San Martín and Huallaga 2020 Special Plan, among others.