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HUMAN FUTURES: A Publication of the World Futures Studies Federation

WFSF has published a magazine since its inception – since even before the organisation was formally constituted. The WFSF magazine has gone through several iterations, changing its name and style with the changing times over nearly five decades.

HUMAN FUTURES was launched on 23 December 2016 and is a fresh & contemporary, interactive, online magazine. Each issue will be loosely themed, with the first issue featuring some really exciting and innovative futures work by several of our younger WFSF members. Let us know if you want to contribute.

August 2020

Letter from the President

Smart Futures

Futures Barometer

Growing in Wisdom During the Coronapocalyse

Global vs. Local: The Future of Business and Education

Foresight in the Time of Covid-19

Viewing Earth and World Through Geoethical Lens

Deep Thought

Electrification in Peer-to-Peer Society- A New Narrative for Sustainable Futures

Aftershocks and Opportunities

A New Socially Focused Agenda

From Future Shock to After Shock and Anti Shock: A Review

World Future Day 2020 and the Millennium Project

Conversation on the Future We Want With Saeed Al Dhaheri

Eppur No Si Muove

Three Futures for Covid-19 Vaccination: The Ok, the Bad, and the Ugly

My Imagined Future As a Gen Z

Post-Covid Interactive, Web-Based Futures Wheel

Discovering Six Novel Scenario Archetypes in Science Fiction Films

Aftermost: Consulting the Oracle of Delphi

April 2020

Letter from the President

Future Matters

Unraveling & Reweaving the Tapestry of Life in the Anthropocene

Herland: A Classic Utopian from a Woman’s Point of View

Back to Futures: Futures Studies and Its Role in Addressing the Great Civilizational Challenges

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Storytelling

Work/Technology 2050 Scenarios and Actions

Conversation on the Future We Want…UN Agenda 2030

Operationalizing the Future: A review of Work-Technology 2050 Scenarios and Actions

2040: A futurementary Directed by Damon Gameau

The Design of Project-Based Learning – Learning Methodologies to Transform Our Futures

After Shock: The World’s Foremost Futurists Reflect on 50 Years of Future Shock and Look Ahead to the Next 50

Happy 2050: What Future Do You Want?

WFSF Youth Perspective

Futures Conference Immersion: Review of the 2019 WFSF Conference

Human Futures Calendar 2020

Call for Papers

World Future Day: Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate…The Future

September 2019

Letter from the President

Future Matters from the Editor-at-Large

Who’s who, Editorial Committee

News & Events

2019 Turku Consturcting Social Futures Conference Recap

2019 Mexico City WFSF Conference Promotion


2050 Global Genrerations

Neo-Growth as Cradle of Civilization

Leadership for the Future

Future of Food



Alternative Futures of Space


…With Riel Miller

Review Room

A Very Short Introduction to the Future

World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report

Society and Lifestlyes in 2050

The Pursuit of New Virtue




Interview with a Young Futurist, Arsam

April 2019

Opening Remarks

Dr. Erik Overland, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Claire Nelson, Editor-at-Large

News & Events

Mobile Learning Week 2019

ASBAR World Forum


A New Societal Contract

Science Fiction


WFSF Accreditation Initiative

Governing the Future


Seeing the Future at QRIFs


UN Agenda 2030: Dana Klisanin

Review Room

The Future of Business

Reimagining Our Tomorrows

Sustainable Superabundance


The Little Book of Foresight

Advocacy of Planetary-Level Consciousness

XXIII WFSF World Conference 2019


Image Credits


May 2018

Letter from the President Erik F. Øverland

The Place of Humankind 2050: Johanne Margrethe Hartwig

The Importanc of Hardanger Academy: Johanne Margrethe Hartwig

Feature Articles from Members

State of the World: Johan Galtung

Prospecta Argentina 2017: Luis Ragno & Javier Vitale

Future Consciousness: The Evolution of an Idea: Thomas Lombardo

Teach the Future: The Rationale : Peter Bishop

To See with Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency: Richard Slaughter

Andean Ancestral Futures Thinking: Lucio Henao

Introduction to Forward Theatre: Alethia Berenice Motero Baena

Curator, Providentia’s Prospectus: Claire A. Nelson

Memories at a Distance

Book Reviews

WFSF Countries and Members 2018

December 2016

Editor/Curator: Jennifer Gidley. Art Director: Kelly Kornet

WFSF Feature Article: World Futures Learning Lab (LEALA) WFSF-UNESCO Participation Project 2012-20013, 2014-2015 & 2016-2017 by Jennifer Gidley & Maya Van Leemput.

Feature Articles from Members:

Stuart Candy & Jake Dunagan: Experiential Futures
Alethia Berenice Montero: Forward Futures Theatre
Dana Klisanin: Altruistic Gaming

Short Featured Innovations from Members:

David Wright: Futures Film Festivals F3
Shermon Cruz: City Futures in SE Asia
Peter Bishop: Teach the Future

Other Highlights: Cartoons and Photo-Essays; Futures News from around the World; Upcoming Futures Events & Lots Lots More…