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WFSF is the leading futures organisation concerned with the scholarship of futures research and the promotion of alternative visions for humanity. In this critical time in human history, we invite you to join the WFSF in its efforts to promote futures thinking as a way to anticipate and respond to the complexity and scale of global challenges. Joining WFSF will provide you with opportunities to collaborate with and support other future-oriented individuals and organisations including UNESCO and the UN family. In working together you will be able to design alternative and preferred futures and network with others with similar concerns.

While many futures organisations today have succumbed to the narrow and short-term mindsets of corporate and commercial interests, WFSF has remained true to the vision of its founders: to democratise futures research and to commit to creating humane futures for all.

Hence our motto: Long Term, Big Picture, Radical Change. 

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Member Directory

WFSF was founded in Paris in 1973 by leading global scholars, philosophers and activists. Its purpose was to stimulate global awareness of the potential futures that faced humanity and to provide learned insights and support for future decision-makers. WFSF membership includes many outstanding futurists dedicated to ensuring that “the future” is not colonised by a few but rather is democratically, designed and created by a diversity of planetary citizens. Our membership includes Fellows, Full Members, Associates, Students & Institutional Members. 

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Donations & Sponsorship

If you believe your values align with ours, you may wish to make a one-off donation or sponsor one of our projects. Your donation will enable us to expand our activities and programs. We have many student members in low-income countries who could participate with your support. Please support our Youth Solidarity Scholarship Fund for 2014 & 2015.  

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