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The Importance of Donations 

Futures Studies is based on the belief that we as humans have personal agency to select or create a future of our choice or of our making. At all times there are endless possibilities. If we have the vision, courage and creativity we can create our preferred futures. Futures studies is about empowerment, challenging the status quo, seeing things differently, changing mindsets and going beyond business-as- usual. It is about anticipating growth in all its facets and about being open and receptive to all the signals of change and being willing to adopt new approaches and adapt to what we cannot change.

If you find that your own personal values, or those of your organisation, align with ours, you may wish to consider making a one-off donation or sponsoring one of our projects.

Your donation will enable us to expand our activities and programs. We have many student members in low-income countries who could participate with your support.

Please support our Youth Solidarity Scholarship Fund to enable more young people to participate in upcoming Conferences. 

How to Contribute

Any person, member or otherwise, may make a donation of any amount to WFSF through the Donation link on the Home Page or Click Here.

You do not need to be logged in to make a donation.

Please make sure you give your name, unless you want your donation to be anonymous.

Thank you!

The ongoing work of the Federation across the globe depends in large part on the good-will of its members and supporters.