The World Futures Studies Federation offers its standards to institutions interested in achieving accreditation in futures studies. Institutions offering programmes which meet the Federation’s standards will be credentialed as an Accredited Foresight Programme. Accreditation will extend for a period of five (5) years. Review of accreditation will be available every five (5) years to ensure programmes continue to maintain high quality standards of the Federation. Request Accreditation Now (Click Here).


WFSF Executive Board Member, Dr. Luke van der Laan, interviews Professor Richard Slaughter, a former WFSF President (2001-2005), about his new book titled “Deleting Dystopia: Re-asserting Human Priorities in the Age of Capitalism”. The book will be open access and available for download for free via creative commons licensing on 4th August 2021 (click here). You can watch the book interview video on YouTube (click here). 


WFSF Director is recognized for his exceptional ability in strategic foresight by the US government. Washington, D.C. 21 July 2021—The US government grants permanent residency in the category of E21 National Interest Waiver (NIW) to Mr. Victor V. Motti, the Director of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) and author of the recent book on Alternative Planetary Futures, for his exceptional ability in the art and science of futures studies (click here to read more).


Hangzhou, P.R. China.– 21-22 May 2021. Upon the invitation by the WFSF institutional member, NCUK Hangzhou International Study Centre, WFSF President Dr. Erik Øverland participated in the Symposium on the Futures of Sustainability & Institutions Addressing Sustainability. The proceedings of this Symposium has been published online and accessible in this page (click here). You can read the presentation slides of the WFSF President, titled “Sustainability and Futures: Moving beyond the Natural and Artificial” in this page (click here)( see pages 46-47/56).

WFSF President Dr. Erik Øverland was interviewed by Peter Hayward, WFSF member. Dr. Øverland is an academic researcher based in Norway. He lead the Norway 2030 project in which he experienced working across international and knowledge disciplines. He has a strong Philosophical foundation to his futures research, especially Constructivism. He sees scenarios as a powerful aid to developing futures focused policy. Listen to the podcast (click here)

WFSF General Assembly was held virtually on 29 May 2021. Chaired by the WFSF President Dr. Erik Øverland based in Oslo, Norway, the GA ratified the results of the Executive Board election of 2021. You can read the biographies of the new Executive Board here. 

WFSF Executive Board member, Mr. Lucio Mauricio Henao Velez, from Colombia has celebrated March 8, 2021, International Women’s Day. He has made a compilation of the planetary list of leading female futurists around the world who are contributing to the field of futures studies. You can watch the video (click here)

WFSF President was interviewed by Alex Fergnani, WFSF member, about what WFSF is and does -The challenge of advocating for preferable futures while objectively presenting a range of scenarios -The role of the WFSF in the current society and its political positions -The future(s) of professional associations within the field of futures & foresight -What new members can expect from WFSF -Current WFSF initiatives to promote and expand the field of futures and foresight. Watch the interview (click here).

UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020 (8-12 December)

From 8 to 12 December 2020, the UNESCO High-Level Futures Literacy Summit provided testimonials from around the world that being futures literate changes what people see and do. From high ranking leaders in the public and private sector to activists, artists, students and professors, the Summit showed how people become futures literate and the impact it has on all aspects of life. Dr. Riel Miller, Head of Futures Literacy in UNESCO and Executive Board member of the WFSF organized the Summit. The WFSF was very active in the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020 and organized several exciting events. You can access the content presented in the WFSF Virtual Booth at this Summit as well as the video recordings of the presentations (click here).

Wendell Bell (September 27, 1924 – November 3, 2019) was a futurist, fellow member of the WFSF, and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Yale University. His areas of specialisation included sociology, social class, race, family life and futures studies.

In November last year (2019), the futures community unfortunately lost Wendell Bell. He was a giant of our field and while his writings will continue to make a contribution, there is no longer an opportunity for anyone to meet Wendell, or to learn from him through personal experience.

FuturePod have asked Richard Slaughter, a former President of the WFSF and Tom Lombardo, a fellow member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, to have a conversation about Wendell. Click here to listen 

WFSF member, Ryuta Minami, has created and is curating the Japanese website of WFSF. Through this initiative we hope that people in Japan in particular the younger generation learn more about futures studies and build their own preferred futures. This initiative was accomplished with the approval of President Dr. Erik Øverland to activate national bodies of the Federation in the future.

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WFSF Fellow member, Dr. Stuart Candy, has co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Futures Studies, about the intersections of Design and Futures. This is an interdisciplinary garden he’s been working in for about a decade and a half. It has been booming in recent years: witness the ascent of design fiction, experiential futures, speculative design, design futures, strategic design, speculative enactments; and their various ties to transmedia storytelling, alternate reality games, worldbuilding, larp, and immersive theatre. It’s exciting and gratifying to see so much activity in this hybrid space.

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The Millennium Project has produced short 2-3 minute videos on each of the 15 Global challenges. Each video gives short statements about the current global situation of the challenge and then set of recommendations to address the challenge. These are available on The Millennium Project YouTube channel. For those who cannot access YouTube, they are available in China.


University of Turku grants a €30,000 Pentti Malaska Futures Award for a visionary, boundary-crossing, research-based solution that supports the building of more sustainable global futures. The late Dr. Pentti Malaska, the renowned futurist from Finland, was President of the WFSF during 1993-1997 and its Secretary General during 1990-1993. Click here to read the main criteria for the innovations participating in the competition.

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Javier Alejandro Vitale Gutierrez, member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, organized PROSPECTA LATIN AMERICA 2017. This publication, now available in Spanish for free download, contains a series of presentations prepared in infographic format that were presented during the Third National Congress of Prospective – PROSPECTA ARGENTINA 2017 and Fourth Latin American Congress of Prospective and Futures Studies – PROSPECTA LATIN AMERICA 2017, held on October 12 and 13, 2017 at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina). The activity was organized by the Center for Prospective Studies of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UNCUYO, the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Foresight Networks (CYTED-617RT0531), and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), among other institutions.The objective of the congress was to generate a space for exchange of knowledge and experiences that contribute to the development of strategies to plan and manage the dynamic, uncertain and complex futures of innovation, economic and social development, water policy and management, education, territorial planning, agriculture and food, and employment.


Peter Hayward, full member of the WFSF, Rebecca Mijat and Mendy Urie, two graduates of the Master of Strategic Foresight program that WFSF ex President Richard Slaughter (Australia), established in 2001 have launched a curated set of podcasts with the Futures and Foresight community; by the community for the community. FuturePod aims are threefold: a) To honour those who developed our field, b) To support those who work in this space, and c) To encourage new voices to join us. Using professional recording studios for live interviews they started with local community members but they want to extend Futurepod to include community members outside Australia. They are launching with a dozen starter podcasts and they hope to add 3-4 every couple of months after that. They are planning on adding WFSF voices to the community in early 2019.

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Finland Futures Research Centre, an institutional member of the WFSF, has a call for abstracts open until December 2018. The forthcoming Futures Conference 2019 will focus on the concept of agency in action and research for futures. ‘Constructing Futures’ emphasizes opportunities and challenges related to the need for building and critically evaluating capabilities necessary for sustainable futures. The conference invites participants to think of agency in different levels and contexts. Whether in a private commercial context, or in civil society, or in global or local communities, to what extent are futures being constructed through participation that reflects moral agency and leads to better futures for all? Can Futures Studies, as an applied practice, make a difference?

Tom Lombardo

Dr. Tom Lombardo, member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, has done a video interview on “Heightening Future Consciousness for Creating A Flourishing Future”. 

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The Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award was directed towards identifying and supporting young foresight innovators from around the world. In total, the competition secured 76 entrants from 37 countries, with the overall award presented at the SOIF annual strategic foresight retreat in the UK.


The new issue of Human Futures, our WFSF-Magazine, was published. This issue reports from our conference in Jondal last year. In addition you will find contributions from Tom Lombardo, Peter Bishop, Claire A. Nelson, Johan Galtung, Lucio Henao, Richard Slaughter, Luis Ragne, Alethia Montero Baena, Javier Vitale and  Johanne Hartwig (Hardanger Academy), Here is the link to the Magazine:

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If a futurist’s job is not to predict the future as it will actually play out, then what is it?  “It is about challenging today’s management,” says Erik Øverland, president of the World Futures Studies Federation, an organisation that has been looking to the future for more than 40 years. “Big industrial enterprises see we are living in a complex world. You will do much better if you examine different possible futures. What we do is the opposite of prophecy.”