Erik F. Øverland, PhD, Norway

Erik works on multiple foresight projects in Norway, and across Europe, including holding a PhD in Futures Studies from the Free University of Berlin. Erik is a Co-Editor-in-Chief for the European Journal for Futures Research.

Erik is a guest researcher at the Institut Futur in Free University of Berlin, Germany, and a policy advisor to the Minister of Education and Research in Norway. He has a background as a guest lecturer at the University in Stavanger on Foresight Management issues, and have served as a key note speaker on conferences in Norway and abroad. In 2012 he was the founder of and become the role as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Futures Research EJFR.

He has published several books and scientific articles about futures studies. Erik was the Project Manager of Norway 2030 by the Norwegian Government (1998-2001) and has conducted futures studies for agencies and business enterprises both in Norway and abroad. His most recent publication is a textbook at the university level: “CARPE FUTURUM. How to manage the future”, Cappelen Publishing 2010. Among Erik’s scientific interests are educational science, futures research, theory of science and worklife research. The main focus of Institut Futur is on three core areas: 1) Futures Studies based on Social Science, 2) transformation in the education system, with a special focus on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and 3) research on the transfer of knowledge and innovation.

Work experiences

  • Visiting Representative for Higher Education and Research at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, 2020 – present
  • Part Time Researcher at Freie Universität Berlin Berlin Area, Germany, 2011- present
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief (Herausgeber) of the European Journal of Futures Research, published by SpringerLink, 2012 – present
  • Expert on Innovation- and research policy issues at the Ministry of Education and Research, Norway, 2006 – present.
  • Managing Director, Subito! Research&Futures, 1996 – present (part time) • Researcher, Work Research Institute, Oslo Norway, 1993-1996

Writing (selected)

  • “Europa in 2034. Die konsolidierte Föderation?” (Europe 20334. The consolidate Federation?), in The European or, Berlin Germany (forthcoming 2014)
  • “Universal perspectivism: transcending “facta” and “futura” through foresight theory building”, On the Horizon, Vol. 21 Iss: 1, 2013, pp 39 – 45
  • “Editorial”, co-authors: Ahrend, Christine, Barben, Daniel, de Haan, Gerhard, Popp, Reinhold, Reinhardt, Ulrich and Urbanek, Doris, European Journal of Futures Research, Vol. 1, 10 July 2013, pp 1-7
  • “Promoting Diversity in Long Term Policy Development: The SMARTT Case of Norway”, co-author: Jan E. Karlsen, University of Stavanger, Journal of Futures Studies, March 2012, Vol. 16 nr 3, pp 63-78
  • “CARPE FUTURUM. Kunsten å forberede seg på fremtiden” (The Art of Foresight Management), co-author Karlsen, J.E., Cappelen Academic Publishing House, Oslo 2010
  • “International Relations and Policy Planning: the Method of Perspectivist Scenario Building”, co-author: Neumann, Iver B., International Studies Perspectives (2004) 5, 258-277