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Javier Alejandro Vitale Gutierrez, member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, organized PROSPECTA LATIN AMERICA 2017. This publication, now available in Spanish for free download, contains a series of presentations prepared in infographic format that were presented during the Third National Congress of Prospective - PROSPECTA ARGENTINA 2017 and Fourth Latin American Congress of Prospective and Futures Studies - PROSPECTA LATIN AMERICA 2017, held on October 12 and 13, 2017 at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina). The activity was organized by the Center for Prospective Studies of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UNCUYO, the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Foresight Networks (CYTED-617RT0531), and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), among other institutions.The objective of the congress was to generate a space for exchange of knowledge and experiences that contribute to the development of strategies to plan and manage the dynamic, uncertain and complex futures of innovation, economic and social development, water policy and management, education, territorial planning, agriculture and food, and employment.



Peter Hayward, full member of the WFSF, Rebecca Mijat and Mendy Urietwo graduates of the Master of Strategic Foresight program that WFSF ex President Richard Slaughter (Australia), established in 2001 have launched a curated set of podcasts with the Futures and Foresight community; by the community for the community. FuturePod aims are threefold: a) To honour those who developed our field, b) To support those who work in this space, and c) To encourage new voices to join us. Using professional recording studios for live interviews they started with local community members but they want to extend Futurepod to include community members outside Australia. They are launching with a dozen starter podcasts and they hope to add 3-4 every couple of months after that. They are planning on adding WFSF voices to the community in early 2019.


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Finland Futures Research Centre, an institutional member of the WFSF, has a call for abstracts open until December 2018. The forthcoming Futures Conference 2019 will focus on the concept of agency in action and research for futures. ‘Constructing Futures’ emphasizes opportunities and challenges related to the need for building and critically evaluating capabilities necessary for sustainable futures. The conference invites participants to think of agency in different levels and contexts. Whether in a private commercial context, or in civil society, or in global or local communities, to what extent are futures being constructed through participation that reflects moral agency and leads to better futures for all? Can Futures Studies, as an applied practice, make a difference?



Tom Lombardo

Dr. Tom Lombardo, member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, has done a video interview on "Heightening Future Consciousness for Creating A Flourishing Future". 


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The Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award was directed towards identifying and supporting young foresight innovators from around the world. In total, the competition secured 76 entrants from 37 countries, with the overall award presented at the SOIF annual strategic foresight retreat in the UK.



The new issue of Human Futures, our WFSF-Magazine, was published. This issue reports from our conference in Jondal last year. In addition you will find contributions from Tom Lombardo, Peter Bishop, Claire A. Nelson, Johan Galtung, Lucio Henao, Richard Slaughter, Luis Ragne, Alethia Montero Baena, Javier Vitale and  Johanne Hartwig (Hardanger Academy), Here is the link to the Magazine:


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Department of Futures Studies at the University of Isfahan on the occasion of the World Future Day 2018  hosted a scientific conference on the alternative futures of job. A recorded video message from Dr. Erik F. Øverland, President of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) was shown. Also Mr. Victor Vahidi Motti, Director of the WFSF, and Dr. Mohsen Taheri Demneh, full member of the WFSF delivered lectures on the futures of job.



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Dr. Tom Lombardo, member of the Executive Board of the WFSF, will do a keynote on Evolving towards a Wise and Flourishing Future—an ideal topic for futurists— you are encouraged to attend the conference to gather and network together, dialoguing on the meetings’ theme and related issues in foresight and futures studies. Dr. Erik Øverland, president of the World Futures Studies Federation, will also attend. 


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If a futurist’s job is not to predict the future as it will actually play out, then what is it?  “It is about challenging today’s management,” says Erik Øverland, president of the World Futures Studies Federation, an organisation that has been looking to the future for more than 40 years. “Big industrial enterprises see we are living in a complex world. You will do much better if you examine different possible futures. What we do is the opposite of prophecy.”


French Flying TennisPostcards From the Future: Implications of Big Data for Science and Society

A Workshop co-hosted in Tokyo by the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of the Arts, the Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, and The Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies at the University of Hawaii. Image left from French Postcards En L'An 2000. Public Domain. 


Seagate Wuxi China Factory TourWill This Be China's Century? A Skeptic's View by Mel Gurtov April 17 2014

Author Mel Gurtov challenges the widespread view that China will rival or displace the United States as the world's leading power. In a presentation based on his new book, Gurtov explored China's domestic and international strengths, revealing a country with serious shortcomings as the next global leader. This topic was discussed by members for several weeks. Archived discussions are available to WFSF Members. Public Domain. 

Emerging Alternative Futures Innovations

Our news might include such fascinating innovations as alternative educational futures, sustainable urban futures, alternative civilizational futures, positive futures media, food futures including urban orchards, alternative energy & transport and many more.

VW DresdenVW Transparent Factory Dresden, Germany 

VW has built a whole factory as if it were a museum; everything is transparent and beautiful; the workers wear white gloves, the assembly line, operated by sophisticated robots is located in a glass hall where the customer can see everything and look at the building of their own Phaeton, Volkswagen's luxury car. 

City-sky Tsvetan ToshkovCity in the Sky - a Futures City concept by Visionary Bulgarian Architect Tsvetan Toshkov

"City in the sky" is a concept about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega developed and polluted city where one can escape from the everyday noise and stress. The concept is inspired by the Lotus flower which is known for its ability to emerge above the murky waters pure and clean. © Tsvetan Toshkov.


Denmark Wind Power

Danish Windpower exceeds its Power Consumption

Denmark surpasses 100 percent wind power. In November 2013 Denmark's wind power production exceeded its power consumption for the first time.



Politicians Climate

Waiting for Climate Change - an Installation by Artist Issac Cordal

Like miniature clones, the identical statues were created in the likeness of middle-aged, white collar, white men, each desperately clutching a briefcase as they huddle together or drown to death in a mindless mass. © 2013 Isaac Cordal.

 SeaTreeThe Sea Tree - a Floating Vertical Parkland for Animals by Dutch Architect Koen Olthius

Waterstudio, specialising in architecture that can withstand significant sea level rises, designed a new concept for high density green spots in a city, the sea tree. This floating structure includes many layered green habitats for animals. This structure is not accessible by man. The sea tree is built by offshore technology similar canadian pharmacy to the oil storage towers which found on open seas. © 2014 Koen Olthius.


Vincent LilipadFloating Cities - Vincent Callebaut's Lillypad City a post-sea-level rise Vision

Facing the worldwide ecological crisis, this floating Ecopolis has a double objective. It can increase sustainability in offshore territories of the most developed countries such as the Monaco principality. But above all it can provide housing for future climatic refugees of the next submerged ultra-marine territories such as the Polynesian atolls. © 2008 Vincent Callebaut.