WFSF-LEALA Video Channels

4. f3 Futures Film FestivalOne of the challenges for the futures studies field, and many other scholarly fields, is the rapid development of ICT over the last 20-30 years. While WFSF and its members have made a stellar contribution to the academic knowledge base of futures studies, the field as a whole has been left behind in the rising tide of new medias. WFSF is committed to breathing new life into its knowledge base and expertise in futures thinking by actively encouraging projects involving positive futures images, particularly through film, and other visual media. Link here to the WFSF Video Channel.

The LEALA video channel is specifically dedicated to our futures video collection that focuses on the recording of our LEALA courses and workshops or the educational videos we produce and collect. LEALA participants and facilitators are invited to record and produce their own videos to add to our collection.