Futures Studies Education – School Level

Educational futures at the school level includes both introducing futures concepts and methods to school children and young people, and also speculative research about what alternative approaches to school education might better suit the 21st century than the current industrial models of school education. 

Social Foresight:

Futures Thinking for Social Foresight (FTSF) brings together a range of tried and tested resources for helping young people to develop a wide range of futures concepts and capabilities. Some of the material presented here has been drawn from two previous resource books: Futures Tools and Techniques and Futures Concepts and Powerful Ideas. (Click here to know more).

Postformal Education:

Gidley, Jennifer (2016), Postformal Eudcation: A Philosophy for Complex Futures, Springer Interational Publishing

Teach The Future Library:

By giving young people the tools to engage with the future early in life, Teach the Future is equipping them to face uncertainties and challenges and helping them discover their role in shaping the future. Education is meant to prepare students for the future, something we can only do well if we teach the future itself.

You can access the Library of Teach the Future here. It is FREE of charge.