LEALA Reports

DR Congo

LEALA pilot project PowerPoint presentation from Katanga, The DR Congo 2014

Catalogue produced for LEALA 2014 project – subsequent Art Exhibition in Brussels 2015

Maono Exhibition Catalogue 2015


Powerful visual report of the impact of disaster in Haiti.

Futures Literacy Action Presentation – powerpoint presentation. Bridging functional futures and design driven futures.

Flyer used to generate publicity and interenst in the Haiti Futures Course.

LEALA Haiti 2015 – detialed proposal outline as created by Patrick Corsi

Malaysia – Penang

LEALA pilot project report from Penang, Malaysia 2014


5 Questions MEXICO5 Questions posed by project Coordinator to help interpret participants relationship with the Future.

Final report, in Spanish with some English, of the Futures Studies Project Reintegration into Society of Adult Women in Imprisonment in Mexico City.

Introduction to the purpose and methodology of Forward Theatre

Project proposal for Mexico: Original proposal created for the project

The Mexico Futures Studies project – The Reintegration to Society of Young Adult Women in Imprisonment in Mexico City 2014 -2015.

Presentation given at the World Futures Regional Conference, Futures Studies: Tackling Wicked Problems in Turku, Finland June 2015

Teatro del devenir versión en español

Victimarias y víctimas: PowerPoint presentation in Spanish outlining the project aims and achievements.

Philippines – Vigan

Five questions used to inform the process for the DR Congo pilot process and to provide prompts to relate the participants to their experiences of the Future.

Introduction and objectives for the Vigan City Futures programme, as promoted by creators Shermon Cruz and Cesar Villanueva

Final Report from the Vigan City Learning Lab Project

Report detailing the playing of The Sarkar Game by the course participants and the completion of The Futures Triangle from women’s perspectives