Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts

Level Institutional Member - Group A

Organisation’s Name: Dubai Courts

Country: United Arab Emirates


Planned Research Projects: Dubai Courts is redefining itself with ground-breaking future-ready projects. C3 Courts. Cases arrive at the final judgment in 30 days. First Instance, Appeal, and Supreme Court heard cases is the current international norm. C3 idea presents three judges, one from each court, simultaneously hearing each case's deliberation. Cases proceed from filing to enforceable judgment in 30 days.

Primary Contact Person Name: Nawal Abdulla Ali Ahmed

Secondary Contact Person Name: Fatma Mohamed Saeed Alnaqbi

Additional Representatives

1. Name:
Mohammed Abdulrahman Mohammed Ibrahim

2. Name: Alia Abdulla Almajid Almheiri

3. Name: Eman Abdulrahman Mohammed Zainal

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