Andreas Ligtvoet, PhD, Netherlands

Andreas Ligtvoet has been thinking about futures and futures studies for more than 20 years and joined WFSF as a member in 2000. He currently works at Technopolis Group as a senior consultant with expertise in the green economy, sustainable energy, circular economy, industrial ecology, and cooperation – topics closely related to the fate of our earth.

He likes to employ a range of qualitative and quantitative (futures) research methods, such as serious games and simulation models.

Other large chunks in his professional CV are the Delft University of Technology and RAND Europe. At Delft, his major research (leading to his Ph.D.) focused on different methodological approaches for analysing cooperation, specifically in energy and industry networks. He supported several physical infrastructure providers with advice on asset (risk) management and futures studies. He also led a stakeholder dialogue project on the future of the Dutch energy system. At RAND, he contributed to and led a range of projects in the fields of science and technology foresight, education, ICT and health. Andreas obtained his M.Sc. degree in Science & Policy from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, focusing on technology transfer of energy efficient technologies.

Next to his professional life, Andreas is a keen supporter of sustainable development through activities as (former) board member of the Peakoil Netherlands Foundation and working groups in political parties.

Some writings in which futures studies is prominent:

Andreas Ligtvoet, Annemieke Pickles, Joost van Barneveld,  Kwalitatieve impact van het Energieakkoord op werkgelegenheid [Qualitative impact of the Dutch energy accord on employment], Technopolis report, 30 April 2016

Andreas Ligtvoet, Eefje Cuppen, Olga di Ruggero, Kas Hemmes, Donna Mehos, Jaco Quist, Udo Pesch: New future perspectives through constructive conflict: exploring the future of gas in the Netherlands, Futures, 2016

Andreas Ligtvoet & Emile J. L. Chappin, Experience-based exploration of complex energy systems, Journal of Futures Studies, September 2012

P.M. Herder, J. de Joode, A. Ligtvoet, S. Schenk, P. Taneja, Buying real options – valuing uncertainty in infrastructure planning, Futures, 2011

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Hjelt Mari et al.: Kokemuksia kansallisista teknologia-ennakoinneista (Experiences with national technology foresight studies), Sitra report 4, Helsinki 2001

Not related to futures, but still worth mentioning:

Ligtvoet Andreas, When Pig Meets Pencil: The Beauty of Complexity in Industrial Networks, in: Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012, Springer, pp. 769-774, 2013