President’s Envoy to UNESCO, Paris

Thierry Gaudin, PhD, France

Elected to the Executive Board in 2013 to serve a four-year term and re-elected in 2017. He is the President’s Envoy to UNESCO in Paris and President of «Prospective 2100», a non-profit organisation studying world programs for 21st century.

Thierry Gaudin is an international expert in both innovation policy and foresight. He is one of the founders of the six countries program on innovation policies ( and, after ten years managing the technological awareness information system at the french ministry for research, he and his team produced a detailed 600 pages book on 21st century foresight until 2100. He also worked for World Bank, OECD, European Commission. He was first trained as an engineer at Polytechnique and after completed a PhD in information and communication sciences, published under the title : Innovation and foresight, anticipative thinking.

Work experiences
• President of “Prospective 2100”, a NPO aimed at studying world programs for 21st cent. 1995 – present
• President, Reso (10 years). Villard de Lens Reso has organised from 1996 to 2011 each year in the village named Autrans near Grenoble a meeting of the internet new wave actors. The founder of Autrans is Bruno Oudet.
• Ingénieur général des Mines Ministry for Finance and Industry, France,1965 – 2005
• Coordinator, A national innovation policy in the Ministry for industry: patents, measurements, testing, standards, quality control design, technical information and regional netwoks to support innovation in SME’s. Management of innovation incentives, redesign of ANVAR, INOVA shows, 1971-1981
• President, “Six countries program on innovation policies”, 1981 -83.
• Manager, Centre for Prospective and technological assessment, Ministry for Research and Technology. Missions were to increase international technological awareness, prospective (foresight) and assess research and industrial strategies, 1982-1992.
• “Conseil général des Mines”, the highest assembly in civil service for technological assessment, 1993
• Member of the auditing committee of CNRS (the French NSF), 1993

Thierry Gaudin has published 25 books.
• “Prospective des religions”. Éditions Ovadia, 2007
• “Le Discours de la Méthode Créatrice”. Entretiens avec François L’Yvonnet. France: Les Éditions du Relié, 2003
• “La Pensee, Modes D’emploiI”. Première édition, 1987. Les Éditions Ovadia, juin 2008, 192 pp. Collection: Prospective 2010
• “L’Avenir de l’esprit”. Prospectives. Entretiens avec François L’Yonnet. Paris: Albin Michel, Éditeur, 2001
• “Préliminaires à une prospective des religions.” La Tour D’Aigues, France: éditions de l’aube, 1998
• “2100, Odyssée de l’Espèce. Prospective et programmes du 21e siècle.” Paris: Éditions Payot et Rivages, 1993
• “L’ecoute Des Silences. Les institutions contre l’innovation”. Paris: Union générale d’Éditions, 10-18, 1978

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