Mei Mei Song, PhD, Taiwan

She has a Doctor of Education from Columbia University USA (2001) and is currently Founder and Director, Center for Futures Intelligence and Research (C-FAR), Tamkang University, Taiwan. From 2007-2010 she was Managing Editor of the Journal of Futures Studies.

Her vision is that in 2030, futures thinking becomes part of the “mind DNA” for people in many parts of the world and WFSF is one of the key change agents for that. Thinking for future generations becomes an instinct, a habit, or a mindset, instead of an ideal that has to be promoted. Through alliances with key players aspiring to build more socially and environmentally sustainable futures, WFSF enables futures and future-oriented thinking to be widely adopted by institutions around the world—governments, schools, corporates, NGOs, etc.

Looking back from 2030, the Executive Board of 2017-2021 laid a good foundation for that vision by engaging with a wide variety of groups—influential and less advantaged ones alike—to promote futures thinking and create impacts of change. Actively connecting futurists around the world and communicating their efforts in advancing futures, WFSF is a platform for people currently in- and outside the futures community to co-create better futures. WFSF also serves as a platform that connects resources and needs in different parts of the world.
Having been teaching Futures Studies for 10 plus years she has devoted herself to the promoting futures in Taiwan to different sectors.