Fundraising for the WFSF 50th Anniversary Documentary

The WFSF 25th World Conference will be held in September 2023 in Paris, France. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WFSF. We are producing a documentary for this milestone occasion. WFSF emerged from the ideas and pioneering work of Igor Bestuzhev-Lada (Russia, 1927-2015), Bertrand de Jouvenel (France, 1903-1987), Johan Galtung (Norway, 1930-), Robert Jungk (Austria 1913-1994), James Wellesley Wesley (1926-2007), John McHale (UK/USA, 1922-1978), Magda Cordell McHale (1921-2008) and others who in the 1960s conceived of the concept of futures studies at the global level. WFSF was officially founded in Paris in 1973 as a global network of leading futurists. It has always been committed to truly global futures, and to creating alternative futures that embrace cultural diversity and individual difference. We are producing a documntary for this occasion in partnership with the TExT-TUBE Futures Studios, established by the WFSF Fellow Member, Dr. David Lindsay-Wright. To fund the production of this important and milestone media project we call all of our individual and institutional members worldwide to contribute by donations (click here) and sharing their stories. In addition, we ask all those who have supported the goals and activties of the Federation over the past five decades to help us by spreading the word on this fundraising campaign through their professional networks and social media accounts. We expect to receive funds from individuals in the range of 10-100 USD and from institutions, corporations, governments, etc in the range of 100-1,000 USD. All of the contributors will be …

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XXIV WFSF World Conference

24 April 2021 Update: WFSF President appoints Mr. Derek Woodgate, WFSF Full member, as the Chair of the Organizational Planning Committee The WFSF 24th World Conference will be held on 26th – 29th of October 2021 in Berlin, Germany. “We are aiming to have both a physical venue and an online event. This will be a physical gathering again after more than one year in digital isolation,” says WFSF President Dr. Erik F. Øverland. The topics and call for papers will be announced soon. An organization planning group and a scientific committee will be established shortly.  The conference will have both calls for papers and research-paper presentations and more experimental sessions, like Open Space Workshops. We already have distinguished partners. The main partners will be the PMU, the APF, The Network of German future researchers (Netzwerk Zukunftsforschung NZF) in Germany and UNESCO. In addition IZT (Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment) in Germany and possibly other local and regional institutions could be recruited as additional partners. We are preparing the conference website on the domain  

UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020 (8-12 December)

From 8 to 12 December 2020, the UNESCO High-Level Futures Literacy Summit provided testimonials from around the world that being futures literate changes what people see and do. From high ranking leaders in the public and private sector to activists, artists, students and professors, the Summit showed how people become futures literate and the impact it has on all aspects of life (click here to read more). Dr. Riel Miller, Head of Futures Literacy in UNESCO and Executive Board member of the WFSF organized the Summit. The WFSF was very active in the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020 and organized several exciting events. You can access on this page the content presented in the WFSF Virtual Booth at this Summit as well as the video recordings of the presentations. In 2023 WFSF Turns 50 Program Guide We Are WFSF Partnership & Research Academia Publications Recorded Videos Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these presentations are those of speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Federation.  Maya Van Leemput: Applied Futures Research for professional Bachelors at Erasmus University of Applied Sciences and the Arts Brussel You can watch the video of the presentation here.   Christopher Bisson with Erik Øverland, Caroline Codsi, ICD.D. and Bertrand Badré: A Roadmap for Sustainable Governance (Panel discussion) You can watch the video of the presentation here.   Jennifer Gidley, PhD: The WFSF and Futures Literacy You can watch the video of the presentation here.   Dana Klisanin, PhD: Transforming …

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WFSF-PMU Research Fund

17 April 2022 Update:

The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Futuristic Studies (PMFCFS) and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) announce the continuation of their futures research grant for the year 2022. The objective of this grant is to encourage researchers to expand their disciplines with methods of futures studies.

(Useful to know: What is Futures Studies?)

PMFCFS website:

Research Grant Proposal:

Submission Link:

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Accreditation Services

The World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization, operating under international law. It was founded in 1973 to promote the development of futures studies as an academic discipline. Beyond offering membership to individuals and institutions over the years, the Executive Board of the Federation has considered how foresight programmes in tertiary education might be further strengthened through an external quality assurance process. Currently no entity exists at the tertiary level to recognize, evaluate and accredit foresight education programmes. Given the history and reputation of the Federation and being a peak body in futures research, the WFSF offers the accreditation of foresight education programmes assuring their quality. In 2018 the Federation established a set of standards and guidelines for quality assurance in higher education. These accreditation standards deal with the Mission, Faculty, Curriculum, Instruction, Students, and Resources that undergird foresight programmes offered by universities, colleges and schools. Those tertiary education institutions offering programmes which meet the minimum standards outlined by the Board are afforded recognition by the WFSF as offering an Accredited Foresight Programme. Academic Mission of the Federation The Federation exists to support and encourage high quality, innovative, foresight education throughout the world. It encourages and supports the development, advancement and dissemination of futures research and foresight education. It provides standards for peer review of foresight education programmes and recognizes high quality programmes through specialized accreditation. Accreditation Philosophy The Federation was guided in its development of its accreditation process and standards by a philosophy of …

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Books in Chinese

Chinese Language Futures Books China Society for Futures Studies has a book shelf (click here) The Millennium Project State of the Future Reports in Chinese (click here)